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Whistling Wind Lamb

BC Grass Fed Lamb

Our lambs are raised outdoors, year round with exception of Lambing. 

We are very proud of the products we produce which is directly linked to the life we created for our animals. Not only are our animals happy, healthy and thriving on our land; they are helping our land heal from its previous poor logging practices and years of neglect. We are always looking for questions and concerns people have so we can either address them or take the time to learn and expand our own knowledge in an attempt to better our own practices. We hope our social media postings helps bring to light the drastic environmental challenges and differences across our beautiful province to bring those that don’t have access to raising their own food a glimpse into the lifestyle we live.

We strive for nose to tail usage of the animals, where all possible parts of the animals are used. We get the offals (organ meat), bones, lungs and hides returned to us from the abattoir. The offals, if not sold for human consumption, are turned into dog treats along with the lungs. The bones are sold for either dogs or broth bones. The hides are tanned and sold.

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Food Security and Supporting Local

Following the link at the top of the page takes you to our online store, go to the calendar to see when we will be at a farmers market near you, or will have a pickup day arranged for your area.  If you are looking for other products, such as chicken, beef, pork and goat please feel free to reach out to us on any of the below social media accounts, email, phone, or in the below comments and we can put you in touch with a farm and farmers with the same care for their animals and quality of product that we carry.  We can also customize your lamb orders, older animal, grain fed and finished, or cross breeding to alter flavor profile of the lamb, please note we do not feel comfortable raising milk lamb,' but can source it from a companion farm if required, but cannot guarantee they will carry it out of season.  Our sheep are all fed from local hay sources, our butcher and abattoir are both local to our farm, and we are BuyBC certified and part of the Shop Local programs, we feel strongly about keeping business in your community to ensure a strong local economy and reducing our environmental impact by reducing travel (low travel distances also reduces animal stress.)  Our farm is also part of a food waste reduction program aiming to redirect grocery store products away from landfills and to farm animals, we currently also work with local brewers and distilleries to use their spent grains to our breeding animals. Other work to reduce food waste comes in finding usage for typically wasted products from the butchering process, hides, bones, offal and whatever else we can to help redirect out of disposal systems.

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