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Whistling Wind Dorpers

The foundation to our whole farming operation are the Dorper sheep. During our initial testing to determine what sheep would fit our farm the best we found the Dorper breed was best suited to the grazing we have available, the seasons we encounter and our preferred management style.  The Dorpers can breed out of season, meaning we can breed one ewe every 8 months, increasing the productivity of our operation, the lambs gain weight quite quickly reducing the amount of time we need to manage them on forage or feed them hay during the winter months. This breed is also quite the browsers, they will focus on noxious and invasive weeds along with grazing on grass, they are helping us to fire smart our farm by targeting these forages and being able to move under low branches breaking down ladder fuels.  We have a good foundation to our purebred stock, and are working on only selecting the best quality ewes and rams for purebred sales to other farms.

The following animals are some of our foundation breeding stock. Stay tuned to this page as we will update it as we have lambs or animals for sale.


WW Ranch Fergus

'Freight Train'

Currently our oldest ram, Freight Train.  He is the son of one of our biggest rams, Tank (Registered name Dwayne), 'Freight' has great length and overall size.  He passes this length and size onto his lambs, making for great replacement ewes with the capacity to carry lambs.  He has a very gentle personality that also is passed on, and was passed on from his sire, the ram lambs from him are quite easy going and generally chill, even when put in with ewes for breeding.

Bax Hank


Hank is a fairly new ram to our farm, his lambs have proven to be very consistent and thrifty.  Hank looks compact for his size, he has a very proportionate build.  We are breeding him to larger bodied commercial ewes to breed a nice bodied market lamb.  His last group of lambs all grew and sized up quite quickly.


WW Ranch Gidget


Gidget is a ewe we kept in exchange for boarding some of our friends sheep, and the family we got our foundation stock from. She is a daughter of 'Tank' and we also now have her dam. She also won Champion Purebred Hairbred Ewe at the 2022 Interior Provincial Exhibition.

Bax Faith


This ewe is a new addition to our farm, her and her daughter came with Hank and have settled in nicely to our flock. They are both very nice examples of the dorper breed and they should be in lamb to Freight.

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