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Farming for Quality, Community, Sustainability, Regenerative, and for the Livestock

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We are primarily a sheep farm, raising lamb for meat and protein consumption as well as commercial and purebred breeding quality stock.  Many in the agriculture industry will tell you that 50 of raising livestock is managing grass, forage and forests to ensure the health of the environment so that the animals can graze to stay healthy and grow quickly, if you over use and over consume your pastures you will not have a future farm.  The farm has been working on branching into secondary items as the sheep operation is fine tuned and we have space in our schedule to add in making products such as wool dryer balls, horseshoe art/home décor, recycle based fire starters, as well as working on reducing the waste from processing the lambs into food.  Items such as organ meats, bones hides are being utilized to avoid the growing concern over "food waste," even older animals nearing end of life are processed into value added products and are kept from being shipped to an outside processor so we can ensure their last days are spent as close to home as possible.

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Boys Off to Freezer Camp

December 18 2023


It's always a bitter sweet time when we take in lambs to the abattoir for butcher, its sad to see them go after all the struggles to keep them alive to this point.  Coyotes, worms, extreme temperatures, and nature in general are always present to balance the tables of life and death.  These boys had a great life, and with their final destination they will help to pay for the care of the flock and the next generation of lambs.  We thank our customers who have pre-booked this round of lamb as we know they will savor and appreciate the end product and the work we have put in to these three guys.  Yes we do end up naming most of our sheep even the ones destined for butcher, its just a part of the job in identifying whos who in the zoo.  So with that we thank, Scurs, GD, and Goiter Dude (never said we were good with names.)

Mal Lamb.jpg

It Has Begun!

December 11 2023


Winter lambing has started.  We are a little late this year for our winter lambing season, going by weather we had last year at this time we would have been at -40*C and would be fighting frost bite on all the newborns.  This winter we have had very light amount of snow and very warm temperatures so the lambs are thriving so far. This group of ewes is mostly our dariy sheep, with one or two exceptions, so in about 40 days we will have to start milking these girls.  Pictured is Mal, with a single lamb we can start milking early as she is producing about 3 times more milk than this little guy needs or can even drink in a day.

Through our farm practices we aim to provide healthy food and handmade products that our customers can be proud of knowing they are supporting a business that actively works to improve the environment and our local community.  Keeping our food chain short so that we can know where our food comes from while supporting the local economy is key in the sustainability of our community in disaster events and sudden changes in economic uncertainty.  The lack of connection between farms and the rural community and urban centers is detrimental to understanding of the needs of both lifestyles, we are listening to the concerns of those in the cities and are working to educate on what farming can do to mitigate those pressing issues.

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